Google Launches African Cloud Certification Training Centre with Siatik Systems to Meet Skills Shortage

January 07, 2017


In 2017 the IT job sector will change, according to Siatik Systems who are Google’s Premier Google Cloud partner in Africa. We will see a rise in the number of data scientists operating in the cloud, software engineers building products and scripting infrastructure setup in the cloud, and system operators becoming cloud engineers who will no longer build but script instances and monitor systems.

There is a huge demand for these roles. According to recent research conducted by SADA Systems, 84% of the IT managers surveyed are using public cloud infrastructure. Dean Vandeyar, CEO of Siatik Systems, notes, "With the massive adoption of cloud technologies occurring in South Africa, we are seeing a huge demand for skills in the cloud and big data domain. This is why we are proud to announce that Siatik has just launched the first Google Cloud Certified Training Centre in Africa. We provide certifications on Google’s Cloud Platform to South Africa’s IT sector and our first three courses are already a complete sell-out." For further information on courses please visit

South Africa is perfectly positioned to take advantage of cloud systems. Our strong base of skilled resources will need to retool to ensure the industry develops professionals, such as data scientists, to take advantage of the full potential of cloud computing with its ability to crunch huge algorithms. Machine learning is taking SA IT by storm. With a Google Cloud Certification you can become proficient in new technologies such as building Bots and Natural Language systems for new digital platforms.

These Google Certifications will train you to the level of a Google staff member. It is early days in South Africa and anyone with these certifications will be one of a handful of completely certified people on the African continent. This is a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to step into this new digital era and compete with the world of Silicon Valley. The certification is a Global Certification and respected across the world and by top disruptor businesses in The Valley too.

We are in exciting times of change and South Africa will be at the cutting edge. For more information please visit

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